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Here are this week's main stories.
A Federal Navy vessel has discovered an unregistered outpost with all occupants murdered. According to the Federal Intelligence Agency, early evidence suggests the outpost was dedicated to advanced nuclear research.
The Ambrose Foundation, a multi-billion credit institution, has lost its entire fortune, prompting security services to investigate a possible data hack. Family heiress Lady Talitha Ambrose has also disappeared, fuelling fears of abduction by those responsible for the loss of her inheritance.
Meanwhile, a commodity drive to revive technology company Supratech has ended successfully. Scorpio DeVorrow, the company's CEO, announced that the efforts had brought the company back from the brink and secured its future.
In other news, President Gibson Kincaid has used Nova Imperium to illustrate potential threats to the Alliance. Kincaid argued that the rise of such radical movements demonstrated how the other superpowers might turn against the Alliance.
Finally, Dr Roy Casimir of the Holloway Bioscience Institute has announced plans to build a research centre focusing on new life forms discovered by the galactic community. Dr Casimir said the development of the Codex had led to a number of xenological discoveries, and that the institute intended to construct a dedicated scientific facility to analyse these lifeforms.
And those are the main stories this week.

Source: Galnet News
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