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Theft Baffles Security Experts

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GalNet News

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A valuable work of art has been stolen by a mysterious and highly skilled criminal.
The theft took place in the Garden City Gallery on Turner's World in the Alioth system. Sergeant Femi Abram of the municipal police discussed the incident:
"Our security specialists are currently at a loss to explain how this occurred. The piece in question was inside a titanium vault surrounded by plasma grids, proximity alarms and thermal sensors. This morning we found the vault door open and all security systems disabled. On the wall was a spray-painted graphic of what looked like a winking cat."
The piece in question is a digital painting titled Youscape. This unusual cyber-artwork includes micro cameras linked to an AI node that monitor the viewer's reactions. Over time, the image alters in response to the owner's tastes.
The artwork was scheduled to be auctioned the following day. The artist, Barclay Uxor, told the media:
"Some lowlife scum has robbed the artistic community of a ground-breaking achievement – and cost me millions of credits, too. To leave common graffiti in its place is the ultimate insult!"
Garden City security forces are continuing to investigate, but as yet have no leads.

Source: Galnet News
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