The Sanderlyn Interviews (Part Two)

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The journalist Jade Sanderlyn of Vox Galactica was recently invited to conduct rare public interviews with admirals of the three superpowers.
This excerpt is from a conversation with Admiral Maxton Price of the Federation.
Jade Sanderlyn: My name is Jade Sanderlyn, reporting for Vox Galactica. I'm here with Admiral Maxton Price, onboard the FNS Amphion in the Sosong system. I was very impressed with the tour of the ship prior to our interview, Admiral.
Maxton Price: I can't say I'm surprised, Miss Sanderlyn. Is this your first time on a Farragut-class battle cruiser?
JS: Yes. It's one the reasons I was so excited that my interview request had been granted. The Amphion is just as impressive as I'd hoped.
MP: That's gracious of you to say. Of course, the Farragut-class vessels value performance over aesthetics. It's a lesson our Imperial friends would do well to learn one day.
JS: I take it, then, that you consider yourself a utilitarian?
MP: In military matters, what other philosophy is there? A sleek ship will turn heads and attract investors, but when something dangerous enters your space, most soldiers would choose a powerful response over a pretty one.
JS: Which brings us to the current conflict in this system. The Federal fleet has been asked to contain the Thargoid threat while Salvation prepares his anti-xeno superweapon.
MP: And I have no doubt that we will succeed. Federal military power is as strong as it's ever been. Funding provided by the Hudson administration over the past seven years has allowed us to expand and modernise our fleet. It's a pleasant time to be an admiral.
JS: I presume that you are in favour of Salvation's work.
MP: Wholeheartedly. His results speak volumes to a man like me. The anti-xeno superweapon has incredible range, a devastating impact on Thargoid craft, and is harmless to our own ships. What's not to like?
JS: Aside from independent studies by the engineer Ram Tah, we have very limited information about the weapon. We also know nothing about its long-term effects on human physiology. Do you think there is any risk to the public?
MP: Let me ask you a question, Miss Sanderlyn. Do you think this hypothetical health risk poses a greater danger to the general public than a Thargoid fleet crawling through a populated system?
JS: No, but surely the lack of transparency…
MP: No, it does not. I've seen what the Thargoids are capable of. It's impressive, it's scary and it results in considerable loss of life if not dealt with quickly. Salvation has proven he can achieve significant victories for an entire system. Timid hand-wringing over the future is fine with me, once we've secured a future in which to do so.
JS: Let's take a break for a word from our sponsors. We'll be right back.
The rest of this interview is available to pilots arriving at the FNS Amphion in the Sosong system.

Source: Galnet News
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