Thargoid War Update: April 3309

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Jade Sanderlyn's latest report on the Thargoid invasion of the core systems has been published on Vox Galactica.
"Taking the broad view of the conflict does little to lift the spirits. Thargoid fleets now occupy well over a thousand systems, nearly 200 of which were once populated. Several million people have been killed or wounded by bombardments and caustic attacks. Colossal numbers have fled their homes as refugees. Some sources estimate that well over ten billion people have been directly affected by the war, but the misery and hardship it has caused is immeasurable."
"As sobering as that sounds, the situation would be much worse were it not for enormous efforts by anti-xeno squadrons and independent ships, which continue to push back against the Thargoid fleets. Every day, thousands of pilots risk their lives in battle, rescuing civilians or delivering supplies. Dozens of systems have been reclaimed from the Thargoids, and there are signs that the alien expansion is gradually slowing against such resistance."
"For a while it looked as if more traditional warfare between factions was about to bring further devastation, when Federal and Imperial proxies clashed in the Tavgi and Pichch systems. But in fact, these skirmishes helped to demonstrate how the Empire and Federation are prioritising the Thargoid threat above their centuries-long rivalry."
"Aegis continues to focus its efforts on practical solutions. The recently announced Thargoid pulse neutraliser is an attempt to bypass the defensive barrier within the inner region of the Maelstroms. If this succeeds, what might be found lurking at their hearts? Newsfeeds are proposing destroying the Maelstroms entirely to halt the never-ending swarms of Thargoid vessels, but few experts believe this can be achieved with existing military resources."
"As for Azimuth Biotech, without the genius of Salvation they seem unable to contribute meaningfully, despite still claiming to be the leading anti-xeno specialists. There are rumours that CEO Torben Rademaker has been in contact with several weapons and industrial manufacturers, presumably with a view to building corporate links."
"The last five months have been one of the most devastating periods of human history. But we are also witnessing resilience and courage on truly heroic levels, and we're not beaten yet. This is Jade Sanderlyn for Vox Galactica. Stay safe out there."

Source: Galnet News
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