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Thargoid-Sensor Disruption Neutralised

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GalNet News

Your Galaxy In Focus
Aegis has announced a breakthrough that has effectively neutralised the disruptive effects of Thargoid Sensors on starports.
Henrik de Lacerda, a senior engineer at Aegis Research, told the media:
"As we know, Thargoid Sensors can cripple starports for weeks or months at a time, but recent advancements in our study of meta-alloys have resulted in an effective cure for what was once called 'the technological plague'."
"New procedures in the application of meta-alloys mean that extremely small quantities are now sufficient to shield systems from disruption."
"Following this breakthrough, we have made arrangements to ship meta-alloys to all affected stations, to restore them to functionality. It will not be long before every starport in known space is immune to Thargoid Sensor–related interference."

Source: Galnet News
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