Subject D-2 Departs on Lone Mission

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Mystery surrounds the unexpected disappearance of Seo Jin-ae, who has reportedly departed the facility she'd been staying at.
Professor Alba Tesreau provided a statement to the media:
"Seo Jin-ae's mental and physical health have improved over the past three months, with the discomfort caused by her cortical implant significantly reduced. This afternoon, I learned that she failed to attend a routine therapy appointment, and was soon found to have left the facility altogether. Somehow Seo managed to depart without logging her ID at the primary entry point."
"Initially I feared that she had been abducted by Azimuth operatives, sent by the company which subjected her to horrific neurosurgical procedures. But I soon received a time-delayed communiqué from Seo explaining her departure was voluntary. She offered heartfelt thanks to me and other former Aegis members for our help, but declared: 'I have unfinished business with Salvation.'"
"I don't know what this refers to, since Salvation died in HIP 22460. Seo is a headstrong and determined individual who clearly prefers operating alone. I believe she should not be travelling without protection, though. Her ability to interpret the Thargoids' actions could make her a target for those who mean her harm. I urge anyone who encounters her to alert local authorities."
Azimuth Biotech offered a response from Director Nassim Qadir , head of the corporation's medical research division:
"This erratic activity from Ms Seo displays typical characteristics of delusion and paranoid obsession with Salvation, whose death has been confirmed by eyewitness reports. We must question what type of 'medical help' she has been subjected to, if it forced her to abscond in this fashion. She would receive far more effective therapeutic care at our facilities."

Source: Galnet News
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