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Olav Redcourt Found

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GalNet News

Your Galaxy In Focus
Popular author Olav Redcourt, who was recently reported missing, has been found alive and well.
Margot Hist of the Dervish-Foss Literary Agency told the media:
"I can reassure Olav's fans that he is in good health, and has checked into a writers' retreat at a remote outpost. I can also reassure Bonespire Publishing that he will soon pay their fees for contractual breach, having sold most of his belongings."
"Olav is currently hard at work on his new science fiction novel, despite my attempts to convince him to choose a more popular genre."
When asked why these facts were not made public sooner, Ms Hist replied:
"Unfortunately I didn't know there was concern about Olav's whereabouts until I returned from holiday – there are no communication facilities at Skyglow Havens on the Rhea Archipelago."

Source: Galnet News
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