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Nova Imperium Demands New Emperor

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Isolationist group Nova Imperium has declared its intention to install a new Emperor.
The group's leader, recently identified as ex-navy admiral Duke Kaeso Mordanticus and known as the Imperator, said:
"The Empire has been weakened by collaborating with its enemies. Aegis drains our resources to protect foreign systems from the Thargoids, our security forces are stretched thin defending non-Imperial systems, and Princess Duval sullies her honourable name by dallying with a Federal libertine."
"Our people demand stronger leadership. We will achieve this by installing a new Emperor – one who will restore the glory of the Empire!"
Political journalist Cassia Carvalho commented in The Imperial Herald:
"Naturally there has been no response from Arissa Lavigny-Duval. But for many citizens, Mordanticus has articulated their unease about inter-superpower cooperation. With support for Nova Imperium increasing rapidly, a silent minority may now have found a voice."

Source: Galnet News
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