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New Technology from Aegis

Discussion in 'Elite: Dangerous GalNet News Feed' started by GalNet News, Jan 12, 2018 at 7:41 PM.

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  1. GalNet News

    GalNet News Your Galaxy In Focus

    Aegis has expanded its roster of anti-Thargoid technologies with a new device – the decontamination limpet. The device is specifically designed to counter the caustic properties of Thargoid missiles.
    In a statement, an Aegis spokesperson said:
    "As we know, the Thargoids' enzyme missiles are particularly dangerous because of the caustic damage they inflict. The decontamination limpet is designed to address this by stripping the corrosive enzymes from a ship's hull while also performing limited repairs."
    "We have rigorously field tested the device and are confident that it will give pilots a distinct defensive advantage."
    The decontamination limpet can be purchased from planetary bases with military, high-tech, refinery, industrial or extraction-level economies.

    Source: Galnet News
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