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New Appointment to Council of Admirals

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GalNet News

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Admiral Frederick Yamamoto has been announced as the sixth member of the Alliance Council of Admirals.
The position had been vacant for months after the previous appointment, Riri McAllister, was discovered to be the coordinator of terrorist group the League of Reparation.
The induction ceremony was conducted by Fleet Admiral Hayley Sorokin, who said:
"After many years commanding the Alliance Defence Force in the Zaonce system, Admiral Yamamoto has more than earned his place on the Council. His experience will help enhance security for all member systems."
Vanya Driscoll, political journalist at The Alliance Tribune, commented:
"Many expected the role to be filled by an officer from the Lave fleet rather than Zaonce, so the decision has ruffled some feathers. It has also not gone unnoticed that Admiral Yamamoto is a close personal friend of President Gibson Kincaid."

Source: Galnet News
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