Kumo Crew - Uniting the Pegasi Pirates

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The presence of Archon Delaine and the Kumo Crew has long plagued the people of the Pegasi sector, and now things have started to take a very serious turn for the worse.
Having free reign for so long has emboldened Archon, who has set himself up as a self-styled Pirate King , demanding tribute and enforcing his will on the various other militant organisations operating throughout the Pegasi sector. Those who defy him find themselves shredded apart by a swarm of raging Kumo fighters.
Many of the Pegasi pirate lords have begun taking orders from Archon. In doing so, they have likewise set themselves up as local warlords who enforce Archon's will and taxes on those systems too weak to oppose them, while raiding, pillaging and pecking away at those that are not.
Two crews in particular, the Hand Gang of Gandii and the Camorra of Krisha, are currently engaged in attempts to take direct control over systems within Archon's domain. If they succeed, they will be accepted as members of the Kumo Crew. If they fail, it is likely none of them will ever be seen again.
Members of the Kumo Crew, potential allies and killers for credits alike are all invited to aid the Hand Gang of Gandii and the Camorra of Krisha in their attempts to take over Gandii and Krisha. Pirates wishing to share in the plunder can contact representatives of the crews aboard Lu Hub and Fincke Depot respectively.

Source: Galnet News
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