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This report presents the latest data on expansion and withdrawal among the galaxy's minor factions.
Here are the latest factions to have expanded into new systems:
HIP 73428 Exchange
Njikan Jet Dynamic Industry
Sui Xenates Indie Union
Labour of Kalads
Yimanbin Nationalists
Friends of Pirigen
Brotherhood of Hasattra
Karex Mob
HIP 20577 Blue Dragons
Expansions occur when a minor faction reaches a sufficient level of influence and there is a populated system within striking distance. Expansion is costly, so when a faction expands, the wealth and development level of the system it controls are temporarily reduced.
Here are the latest factions in withdrawal:
Limapa Blue State Commodities
Partnership of LHS 2819
Co-operative of Brangkalar
Anotchi Citizens' Forum
Nationals of Algreit
Future of LTT 911
Posse of HIP 97337
Monarchy of Michael Pantazis
New Rutujil People's Party
Haeduwong Systems
Factions are considered to be in withdrawal if their level of influence within a system drops below a certain level. If the faction's influence remains low for a total of five days, the faction must leave the system entirely. If the faction manages to increase its level of influence, it remains in the system.

Source: Galnet News
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