Freelance Report: Diamond Frogs Reportedly Attacking Traders

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A Radio Skvortsov commentator recently reported that extremists from the Eravate system were attacking traders running liquor and other legal narcotics to Skvortsov Orbital. The traders, who hail from all sides of the galaxy, were invited to the system by the Diamond Frogs to supply a party celebrating the return of the Distant Worlds Expedition. But recent reports indicate that the Eravate extremists are not the only ones preying on the traders.
According to these new reports, some Diamond Frog ships are also participating in the piracy. Although there is no evidence that the Diamond Frogs' leaders or prominent Commanders are orchestrating or participating in these attacks, numerous pilots have reported being interdicted by hostile Diamond Frog vessels.
One disgruntled Commander claimed that he had been interdicted multiple times by a number of different Diamond Frog ships. The pilot said: "The dingbats keep pulling me out of supercruise, and it's starting to get annoying! Don't get me wrong, the Diamond Frogs seem like good people, and I'll continue to deliver booze for those brave explorers, but they really need to get their house in order and put a stop to these shenanigans. It's casting a shadow on the whole endeavour."
Commander Virgil Kyle

Source: Galnet News
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