Federation Refuses Entry to 'Plague Ship'

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The Alexandria megaship has been warned that it faces destruction if it attempts to travel to any Federal system.
The Aegis-owned vessel triggered a full-scale Thargoid incursion when it arrived in the HIP 16538 system. This seemed to be a reaction to the huge quantities of Guardian artefacts currently stored within its cargo holds.
Captain Jacob Morales, the Alexandria's commander, broadcast this message:
"The Federal Navy has instructed us not to resume our scheduled journey to Sol or enter any system within the Federation. They're treating us like a plague ship! I understand their concern that more Thargoids will follow us, but we have several thousand crewmembers who need to reach safe harbour."
A strategy was outlined by Admiral Aden Tanner, chief military liaison for Aegis:
"We are attempting to clear the HIP 16538 system of Thargoid vessels, greatly aided by independent pilots and anti-xeno squadrons. The megaship will then jump to a system with a minimal population, where we will offload its cargo."
Aegis has reiterated that the option to jettison the Alexandria's cargo is a last resort, since the Guardian artefacts are vital to its research programme and cost billions of credits to acquire.

Source: Galnet News
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