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Week in Review

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GalNet News

Your Galaxy In Focus
Here are this week's major stories.
There has been widespread disquiet over recent reports that Thargoid ships have been encountered in the core systems. Admiral Aden Tanner, chief military liaison for Aegis, addressed these concerns, saying, "Reports that the Thargoids are encroaching upon the core systems en masse are grossly overstated. The enemy is contained."
Meanwhile, a multi-agency taskforce investigating the League of Reparation, the organisation responsible for the murder of Senator Nestor Cartesius, has made significant progress. Captain Niamh Seutonia of the IISS confirmed that the League is better organised and more widely spread than first suspected, and that all evidence points to an extremely committed group.
The Empire has announced plans to construct a new Riker-Class Prison Ship in the Veroklist system. Once complete, the ship will house criminals who accepted a period of Imperial slavery in lieu of a jail sentence, but who have proved to be too dangerous or unstable for such corrective punishment. The Moritasgus Imperial Corporation is overseeing the initiative.
Finally, The Utopia campaign to construct a military installation in its home system has now concluded. Many traders delivered a huge quantity of construction material to Bobko City, which will be used to build defences for the Sim-Archive. Other independent pilots protected the operation by eliminating pirate vessels.
And those are the main stories this week.

Source: Galnet News
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