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Survivors of the Far God

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Independent journalist Gethin Okonkwo has shared more details about his time with the Far God cult:
"After three months of living as a Far God worshipper, I'm now acclimatising to life as an ordinary citizen. There, I was known only as Third Witness of the Tenth Chapter, although that was more of a title than a name. Identical in our robes, we were all nameless servants of the commune."
"That may sound despotic, but there was a strangely seductive aspect to surrendering one's identity. At times I almost experienced the tranquillity that true adherents seemed to feel."
"I'm relieved to see Far God believers returning to their hive-chapels, having survived weeks of persecution. This has been a baptism of fire for the sect, with hundreds dead and several chapters still missing."
"Many other doomsayer cults have since faded away or, like the Church of Eternal Void, been outlawed. But it seems that the Far God faith will endure, perhaps even beyond our conflict with the Thargoids."
"I have been contacted by the exotheologian Dr Alfred Ulyanov with a view to combining our research. Together we hope to produce the definitive account of this tenacious religion."

Source: Galnet News
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