Anti-Guardian field project perfected

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*Pilots' Federation ALERT*
The engineer Ram Tah has perfected his modifications to immunise Guardian modules against the effects of anti-Guardian fields.
Discoveries related to the anti-Guardian field resistant nanite clusters led to the first iteration of these modifications. Ram Tah has since described the methodology as "immature and limited" though, referring to an inability to apply the modifications to all Guardian modules, and a reduction in effectiveness for the weapon modules that could be modified.
Aegis has now announced that Ram Tah has refined the technology significantly, and the new iteration of these modifications resolves both issues.
Weapons with these modifications applied no longer have their damage reduced while still being resistant to anti-Guardian field effects.
The methodology used is also much less limited and can be applied to all Guardian modules without penalty to their functionality.
Aegis stated that they expedited availability of the modifications to aid in the fight against Titan Indra. They can currently be made at Ram Tah's workshop in the Meene system.

Source: Galnet News
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